Hello again :)

After a long absence I'm planning to blog a bit more actively. This is partly motivated by the fact that I've been working on some quite fun, gnarly stuff recently, and I think it'd be useful to me to get back into the habit of writing more about the things I'm futzing around with.

Quite a lot has changed since I last wrote in this blog eleven and a half years ago (oh, wow), in the world, and in my own life. The world seems exceptionally messed up in a variety of ways, and I wish it'd be better, but I sort of try to be eternally optimistic about things and hope that we're going through a tough patch and we'll all pull together and make things better (and I'm not just talking about Coronavirus, although that's pretty terrible in its own right).

In my own life, since I last wrote, I got married to the most amazing person in the world, grew two cheeky and rambunctious kids who are lovely and keep me terribly busy, and manage to surprise and fascinate me on a regular basis. It's really the best thing in the world to be surrounded by a family you love and who love you.

At the time I wrote my last blog post, I was a little under a year into my new job at Google, hacking away on developer infrastructure. The Google years were a fantastic adventure, and I enjoyed over ten of them. I did so many things there, made so many friends, and grew so significantly as an engineer and a person. I was so busy both with work and with my own life, which was full of temporary relationship drama (ah, to be in your late 20s-30s!) followed by a long period of stability and family building, that I basically never had time to do things like blogging. I still probably don't, but I'll try to do it nonetheless. I'll also try to get around to writing about some of the Google experiences if I can figure out how to unpack them into words :)

I joined Facebook last April, and got to enjoy the really quite splendid food they provide there as well as many other fun things around the office for about a year before things locked into the work from home reality that we find ourselves in now. Interestingly, despite having done many different things at Google, including an extended stint in management, I find myself back doing pretty hardcore engineering productivity related development. I guess I must find this kind of stuff fun, and my first few blog posts will be about adventures related to this.

Ok, well. I don't imagine there are many folks left who subscribe to this from over eleven years ago, and if there are, it might be surprising that this suddenly popped up in Google Reader (errrrrr, wait a minute...). So I might just be writing in a small echo chamber for myself. But it's nice to be writing again anyway :)