Nooglerization done (but is it ever, I wonder... ;) )


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My first two weeks are over, now I'm taking a quick bout of unpaid leave to take Cindy to Paris and Barcelona. She's never been to europe - and even though I'm from Europe, it's a big place and I've never really spent much time in those two cities. We're also going to spend some time with my parents in the south east of Spain.

Cindy swears that I've put on weight in the mere two weeks since I joined google on account of the free food. This is an assertion which I stringently deny, alas to no avail. I try to convince myself that all of the cycling between buildings (or walking in the fairly regular no-available-bikes scenario) is burning off enough calories to make up for the additional input. I may or may not be kidding myself.

I've been using the convenient excuse that, since it takes some period of time after initial employment before registering for the gym is possible, working out and getting rid of the extra pounds is something I can put off until after our vacation.

Anyhow, looking forward to taking a break, and then getting down to some serious geekyness (er.. geekery?) when I get back. I haven't written code for a while, and my fingers are getting twitchy.